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SERVICE, Is What Separates JJ’s Vending Services, Inc. From Our Competition!

We have and will continue to build our business on this premise, great service. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any issue you may have. We will set up a service schedule that satisfies your needs and continue to modify this as needed. All suggestions and ideas about service, equipment or products are welcome and will be implemented or given serious consideration . Should you experience a problem with equipment etc, it will be resolved that same day.
We believe in choice and some of our customers demand it. If traditional vending is what you want, we have you covered. We offer this service along with the services listed below. As a result, we can offer with confidence, 100% healthy vending, 100% traditional vending, or a mix of both. JJ's Vending Services conveniently offers cold beverages, snacks, coffee, fresh food and other fine refreshments to a diverse client base in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Contact us for more information on traditional vending programs or a combination of healthy and traditional vending programs for your organization.
Join the Micro Market Revolution Today Whether you are an office or national account looking for a more convenient option for food and beverage for your employees, you have come to the right place.
The Micro Market Value-Add Our technology and back-end platform facilitate a 24-hour, self-service marketplace. With easy to navigate touch screen kiosks, employees just choose the food and beverage items of their choice and pay with a variety of options for a quick and intuitive experience. With Avanti Markets, our brand equity lies in the fact that we can provide the value of choice to consumers and help employee productivity increase by keeping people at work.              LEARN MORE
2. NEW Micro Market Vending Services
JJ’s utilizes Cantaloupe Vending Management software which records real time data on all transactions made and reports maintenance issues (coin jams and loss of power) directly to our technicians. Based on the information provided, all machines will be serviced and maintained on an as needed basis. Accept every payment option including Apple Pay, Android Pay, cash, credit cards and debit cards. With “any way to pay” functionality, your employees can effortlessly pay for their selections while reducing the operational headaches typically associated with accepting cash-only payments. Seed Cashless is the most advanced cashless solution in vending and is ready to take all forms of payment from your customers today…and tomorrow.
3. Social Feedia - Enhancing the Workplace Experience 1. Traditional Vending Services
What is Social Feedia?
A concept to enhance the workplace experience. A snack and beverage solution for today’s workplace – turning coffee stations into convenience stations. A convenient, cashless and seamless way to bring refreshment closer to the consumer where they work.
What’s Changing in Today’s Workplace?
Social Feedia
Consumers want more from their Coffee Service provider than just coffee and tea.
More Millennials in the workforce More snacking – fewer complete meals. Offices need a 24 hour solution. Employers want to keep employees at work.
Operators can capitalize on today’s workplace trends.
Need for convenience Need for cashless Need for expanded offering of snacks and beverages
Options/Turnkey Solutions Change the Coffee Station to a Convenience Station
Assorted Snack Boxes Rack and Cooler Options Pre-planned menus featuring top brands and healthy options Technology makes it seamless, affordable and efficient
Assorted Snack Boxes Rack & Cooler Options Change the Coffee Station to a Convenience Station
Social Feedia App How does it work?
1-2-3 Process (Payment) Account Management Platform
Inventory Management Manage and Change Assortment and Price Remotely Sales Tracking Consumer Feedback
Social Feedia Phone App Get Started Now